Thursday, November 15, 2018

Turkey Time

Hi blog family!

sending love to all our ancestors for this Turkey Day! It should be a time to reflect on all those who died so that we could love, eat and converse together, without being burned, hanged or a beaten.

As you reflect this holiday, remember it is NOT about YOU, its about being grateful for all you have and HOW you acquired it, our ancestors paved the way for all of us, black or white, we are all benefiting from our ancestor's sacrifice. How do you repay them? By being the best you! By helping others, even when you don't appear to have much! By gracing someone with a smile, cheering their day!
It does not take much to help another, only effort and action. My kids and I use to cook a big meal and go around NYC and give out food to those less fortunate, and then we would come home and celebrate the fact that we could share what little we had to put a smile on someones face.

Remember, it is NEVER about you, we are only vehicles, (like our parents that birthed us), What car are you driving and take good care of it no matter the model, it will serve many...the meaning of holidays, to help others xo

ps. any foster youth aging or aged out and in college can ask for a gift box" for the December holiday, just have your social worker contact us or you reach out 914-646-4639 or

*donors if you want to drop off any toiletries, small blankets, socks, school supplies before November 30th you can do so at two of our locations:

 Mount Kisco Public Library on Main St in Mount Kisco, OR

at Starbucks on S MogerAvee across from the Mount Kisco Train station!

your first week in a group home or foster care?

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Get ready for a new year

Hi blog family!
its been a while!

Our new website is being worked on, finally!!
donors can drop off any items for gift boxes, (toiletries or school supplies for college youth), in December
Deadline by: November 31st
Drop off locations: Mt. Kisco Public Library OR Starbucks in Mt Kisco across from the train station!
*(if gift cards please drop off with the manager and leave your name and contact in an envelope so we can verify we received and send the tax ID thank you!)

*foster and aged out foster youth in college PLEASE let us know if you need a gift box for December, have your social worker email us or call us 914-646-4638

Time for a New Year!

November is here already! Where did the time go? I hope you are all geared up for winter! I am ready for change, ready to raise the bar!

Always be ready to improve through classes, travel and other cultures. Life offers so much and often our angels come in the form of our pets and friends! Be grateful for all the great things in your life and put all the negative on the back burner with therapy and yoga! The end of this year is coming but a new one is on the way, ask yourself, what have you done TODAY, for a better next year?

I pledge on behalf of my ancestors and yours, to be bigger, better, brighter, kinder & connect all the energy dots to love and helping others! Please join me on working on ourselves to be better human beings to each other. Love over hate is 2019 them, do something today, that will make a better tomorrow!
You are loved and needed by the universe! xo


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Back to School

hi blog family!

wishing all our students a safe, prosperous & loving new school year! Do what you need to do legally to get your education! No one can take that from you! Summer has ended but your goals should always be inspiring and something that will make your future brighter!

Get to class, do your work, help others that are having a hard time IF you can and remember, the universe needs you and all your smartness!


family vacation

Life has many twist and turns, that is why vacation was created so that you can put all troubles and challenges to the side and concentrate on centering yourself.  

As you know, I had no active family, so I always chose friends that treated me like family. These friends always check on me, especially during the holidays.
It is important for those without parents to build friendships that are as strong as a family, that not only means they are there for you if needed, but you are there also for them! 

Treat those friends like family and they will do the same for you. Even in a family, siblings, cousins who are close are that way because they work at it. We all have flaws, with friends we choose the ones we want to invest time and energy into, the other traits seem small IF the love they give you is like that of a family. 
I am blessed to have maintained my friends in Europe when I use to travel, I never have to worry about hotel fee, as my friends put me up, and I would do the same for them. 

I am blessed that friend, who changed my life after my first age out, blessed me to go on a trip to Aruba!  As you can see by that view, it is important to get up and get out and see the world! 

If you have kids, it is crucial they get out and see the beauty God has made ALL over the world. 
How You can save for a vacation
1.  Start a vacation club at your local TD Bank, you put $25 a month in and can get it at the end of the year for vacation! 
2.  You can book a trip with $250 down and pay the rest the day of the trip! 
Where there is a will, there is always a way!!! 
My friends from Napoli showed me that, no matter how much money you make- or lack of...every summer they bring the whole family, even making less than me at the time, you can and need to get away!